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Spanish Staff Training In Visual Narrative

Mrs Dugdale, Mrs Burbury & Miss Tutcher travelled to Malaga in Spain on Saturday to begin their week course on learning about visual narrative.



This was the start of our journey and it didn't go as planned...

We boarded our flight at 3.00pm ready for it to leave at 3.20pm but it couldn't take off because of the rain and how windy it was. We all had to sit on the aeroplane for four hours until the captain told us we would have to disembark and get back on later if the wind dropped. However shortly after he announced that we would have to get off, we were told that it was safe enough of us to fly and we set off.


On arriving at Malaga airport we made our way to the train station and got  a train to the centre of Malaga at 12.25am!


We walked to our hotel, luckily Miss Tutcher & Mrs Burbury were better at map reading than Mrs Dugdale or else we may not have arrived until much later.


We were all so tired we had a quick bite to eat then went to bed.


We went into the centre of Malaga and had a look around.



Today we learnt all about the five principles of photography. We used these to take photographs. We learnt about what 'Visual Narrative' is and the different formats it comes in. Tonight we went to a Spanish restaurant where a man cooked Paella for us in a very large pan.



In our lessons today we had to go around and take photographs around the hotel and then use an app called 'Comic Life' to create our own comic. We then learned how to make videos and created our own about the people in Malaga.



It was so lovely to see you all this morning when we linked up with school. We hoped you enjoyed singing in Spanish with our teacher. We are looking forward to seeing all the learning about Spain that you have all done today at school.

This afternoon we went to the Picasso Museum and studied work by Pablo Picasso. We all then took part in a workshop and created our own master pieces! We will share these with you when we get home.



Today we went to visit a primary school high up in the mountains. We left early in the morning and it was raining and misty. We looked around the school and were given a chance to teach a  lesson to the children. We  included songs, maths and helped them with their English; we all had a fantastic time. The staff and the children were very welcoming and they helped us to speak a little Spanish. We are spending the afternoon working on a promotional video about Malaga. This is our final task which we need to complete to show all the new skills we have learnt in photography and film making.