Purple Passion Fruit Class

 Welcome to the Purple Passion Fruit Class! Taught by Miss Hipwell.Image result for cutie fruity passion fruit


Special Person!

Every week we choose someone to be our special person. Our special person gets to do all the important jobs for the class throughout the whole week. All the children sit in a circle and each give a different reason as to why they think our special person is so special! 

This week our special person is Harry!

He is special because;

He always plays with me, he has nice manners, he is a good friend, he is nice to me, he does good maths, he plays football well, he tidies up nicely, he is a nice boy and he is always smiling!


Reach for the Stars!     Image result for cartoon stars and rocket


Welcome to our new topic Reach for the Stars! We started our new and exciting topic by hearing some loud bangs when we were in the hall. After sending some children to investigate we discovered a huge rocket and astronaut outside. We all went to have a look and then gathered back in the hall. Once we were in the hall we heard a message from Arnie the astronaut, he told us that our new topic was all about space and asked us what we would like to find out about! We are all so excited to discover more about our new topic.


Please find attached the Year 1 Termly Overview, Year 1 Newsletter and the Year 1 Homework.