Purple Passion Fruit Class

 Welcome to the Purple Passion Fruit Class! Taught by Miss Hipwell.Image result for cutie fruity passion fruit


Special Person!

Every week we choose someone to be our special person. Our special person gets to do all the important jobs for the class throughout the whole week. All the children sit in a circle and each give a different reason as to why they think our special person is so special! 

This week our special person is Emila!

She is special because;

She sits nicely, she is my friend, she has neat writing, she plays nicely, she is pretty, she is a really good friend, she does neat colouring, she always has a smile on her face, she comes to school nicely, she plays with everyone, she is my best friend, she is nice, she is a good friend to everyone, she is always happy, she makes me laugh, she is a good role model!


Well done Emilia!


This week the children have been designing and making alien puppets. They used paper plates to paint and create their aliens flying saucer! Here are the finished products. 


Space Centre!      Image result for cartoon stars

The children enjoyed their trip to the space centre. They saw some big rockets, read lots of facts about the planets, and even watched a film about astronauts and their time in space. The children loved exploring, playing and learning more about their topic. Everyone had lots of fun!



Over the past few weeks the children have worked very hard finding out facts about all of the different planets. They have used information books, and iPad's to help them find information. They worked in small groups to create a poster about their planet and presented them to the rest of the class, filled with lots of fun facts! After making posters the children used all the information to create their own fact booklet about all of the planets!


This term in maths the children have been busy with lots of work! They have been doubling and halving numbers, addition and subtraction, telling the time and much more! They have been using resources all around the classroom to help them with their maths. Here are some pictures of them hard at work.

We have been experimenting with clay over the past few weeks. We had to decide whether we wanted to make a star or a planet with the clay. Then using different tools we decorated them with different patterns. Once they were dry we painted them! 


Reach for the Stars!     Image result for cartoon stars and rocket


Welcome to our new topic Reach for the Stars! We started our new and exciting topic by hearing some loud bangs when we were in the hall. After sending some children to investigate we discovered a huge rocket and astronaut outside. We all went to have a look and then gathered back in the hall. Once we were in the hall we heard a message from Arnie the astronaut, he told us that our new topic was all about space and asked us what we would like to find out about! We are all so excited to discover more about our new topic.


Please find attached the Year 1 Termly Overview, Year 1 Newsletter and the Year 1 Homework.