Wellbeing Strategy

Why do we need a wellbeing and mental health strategy? 


Long Buckby Infant School is an inclusive setting where mental health and wellbeing promotes school success and improvements by:

  • Promoting positive mental and emotional wellbeing by providing information and support.
  • Creating a shared understanding of all aspects of mental health.
  • Enabling those with mental health related issues to self-disclose and seek support in a safe
  • confidential manner.
  • Offering guidance and strategies, along with the support of Mental Health First Aiders, to support pupils and staff to be mentally healthy.
  • Creating a culture to support and maintain positive mental health and wellbeing.


What is the Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy?

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is a guide to define ‘how’ we are expected to support children and staff with mental health and wellbeing and ‘what’ practice we implement to support mental health and wellbeing.

The strategy details the systems in place to ensure that mental health and wellbeing is embedded into our culture to support the children and staff at Long Buckby Infant School.