Values & Vision

Be Curious, Be Kind & Try Your Best

Our School Values

At Long Buckby Infant School, our staff, parents and governors are dedicated to giving our children a happy, safe, inclusive environment which challenges discrimination and respects each other's views and beliefs. We pride ourselves in providing a family environment where children can really thrive. Our main values are:

                  Be Curious, Be Kind, Try Your Best,  Persevere, Be Engaged, Show Equality and Be Ambitious.  


Our School Vision

We foster an enthusiastic, creative community of learners within a safe environment where enjoyment is at the heart of what we do.  This allows every child access to a curriculum which is broad, balanced and fun, so that each child is happy and confident for the next stage of their learning and future life as a contributing member of society.


Every pupil is given the best possible opportunity and encouragement to develop both academically and socially.  The staff consistently set and expect high standards of work and behaviour from pupils.  This principle of high expectation underscores the aims and objectives of the school, which are:


  • Ensure pupils’ well-being and learning are at the heart of everything we do,
  • Provide a happy, safe and secure environment, valuing the relationships we have with the wider community,
  • Set goals so that the children can be the best that they can be, accepting challenge and persevering,
  • Take the time to listen to each other,
  • Recognise diversity and provide equal opportunities for all children,
  • Encourage and praise children for demonstrating any of our school values,
  • Expect everyone to take responsibility for their own actions,
  • Foster curiosity and a love of learning.


Our Curriculum Drivers