Current Governing Body Structure
Name Governor Type Current Term of Office Resignation Date

% Attendance

(18/19 academic year)


Number of meetings attended

(18/19 academic year)

Business Interests Other Governing Bodies Personal relationships with staff/pupils
Michelle Baker Local Authority 05/08/2014   60% 3/5 None None No

Dawn  Burbury

Staff 01/09/2017   100% 5/5 None None No

Beth   Brighton

Parent 30/11/2017 100% 5/5 None None Yes - Parent
Jon Curtis Parent 07/06/2018 100% 5/5 None


Yes - Parent
Cei Davies Linn    (National Leader of Governance) Co-opted 01/12/2014   86% 6/7 INMAT

Ashton CE Primary

Collingtree Primary

Tina Deer Co-opted


80% 4/5 None None No
Sarah  Dugdale Headteacher 01/09/2009   100% 7/7 None No No
Joy Greenwood Co-opted 12/05/2016   80% 4/5

Employee Guilsborough Academy

Husband - fire Service

None No
Joanne    Harris Co-opted 10/5/18   80% 4/5 None None Yes - Parent
Laura Newton Parent 03/10/2016    86% 6/7 None None No
Helen   Nickolls Parent 30/11/2017 80% 4/5 Rainbows None No

 Julie Walsh

Co-opted 28/11/2016 60% 3/5 None None No

The school benefits from an active and committed board of governors. The full governing body meets once a term to consider policies, school performance, staff matters and other issues. A number of sub committees also report back to the full governing body. Please click here to see our official governing body information from the academic year 2017/2018.

More information on our governors can be found  here.

Sub Committees

Curriculum Looking at all aspects of curriculum within the school
Resources Finances / Buildings & Grounds / Health & Safety / Staffing
Governors are drawn from all sections of the community and generally serve a four year term.


Cei Davies Linn Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor Curriculum / Resources Bio
Sarah Dugdale Headteacher Curriculum / Resources  
Dawn Burbury Staff Governor Curriculum  
Beth Brighton Parent Governor Resources
Michelle Baker Local Authority Governor Resources Bio
Jon Curtis Parent Governor
Tina Deer Co-opted Governor Resources Bio
Joy Greenwood Co-opted Governor Curriculum Bio
Joanne Harris Vice Chair of Governors /Parent Governor Resources Bio
Laura Newton Parent Governor Curriculum / Resources Bio
Helen Nickolls Parent Governor Curriculum
Julie Walsh Co-opted Governor Curriculum