Cei Davies Linn - Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor


Curriculum, Resources, Performance Management

I joined the governing body at LBIS in 2007. Since 2009 I have served as chair of governors. My background is both in medicine and psychology and I lecture to fellow professionals in Trauma Counselling.

Since my daughter graduated from both village schools, LBIS and LBJS, I have remained on the governing body as I am strongly invested in the excellent quality of teaching and learning consistently demonstrated at these two closely linked schools.

I consider LBIS a wonderful launching pad into every child’s early learning experience; this motivates my continued interest and involvement with the school.

Mrs Dugdale and her teaching staff together with their TA teams are committed to identify and develop every child’s potential for learning.  The teaching staff is driven to capture the children’s natural imagination that in turn inspire their particular learning styles.  Promoting and developing these individual learning styles makes for an innovative and exciting introduction into education; social learning, personal development and a strong sense of wellbeing that promotes achievement. I believe a wider range of choices in life are available to our children when they have the opportunity to have the very best start to their early learning experience.

LBIS has a thoroughly professional and committed governing body. We are extremely fortunate to have very experienced members both chairing the dedicated committees and contributing to the overall monitoring; challenging, supporting and development of the school. As part of our continued commitment to the school, we also closely monitor our own development and training in school governance.