Joanne Harris - Parent Governor


Resources, Numeracy

I have lived in long Buckby for 13 years, and am mum to two boys; Joshua who is currently in year 1, and Ethan who is two and attends the local pre-school and nursery. My career prior to children was spent in retail head offices, as stock and distribution manager and, latterly in project management.

I wanted to become involved with the school when Joshua first started, so that I could better understand just what exactly happens in that time between 9am and 3.15pm, when I despatched my son through those doors. It occurred to me that teaching methods have probably changed somewhat since I went to infant school back in the 70's!

Applying for the role of parent governor was one way of achieving that and I was delighted to be nominated in July. In the short time that I have been involved since then, I have been able to understand a little more about how our children are being taught, but more importantly I am starting to understand the enormous effort involved in developing and running the whole school.

I am really enjoying being an active part of that effort, it's given me a much greater respect for the work that our teaching and support team do, and I find the constant planning for improving the school really exciting.