Headline Attainment Measures 2022

2022 Results
Early Years Foundation Stage
  % of pupils achieving a Good Level of Development
School 78.4%
National  65.2% 



June 2022 

% of pupils achieving the expected standard in School

 Year 1 



Key Stage 1 Summary 2022

It is important to understand that the national assessment structure changed in 2016. The system for measuring attainment by levels has now finished, and pupils will either be classified as a) working at the expected standard, b) not achieving the standard, or c) working at greater depth within the expected standard.  It is recognised nationally that the goalposts have certainly moved upwards and standards/expectations are much higher than previously.

Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard and above at Year 2




 School Results (2022)




National Average 





We are pleased with our results and can celebrate some individual success stories. Our priorities for 2022/2023 are to continue to improve our writing results by the end of  Key Stage 1. We are already moving along this path, with focused teaching and learning in spelling skills that children need to progress, and building an even more positive culture of high expectations throughout the school.