Reception Classes

Taught by Mrs Sue Musgrove and Mrs Anne Pettifer.


After half term we started a new topic called Fur-Ever Friends.  We welcomed pets into the setting for our pet day.  The children had great fun observing the rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and giant African land snail.  We looked at their features and compared the animals.  We wrote some lovely patterned poetry and produced some amazing cat paintings.  The children worked so carefully with the watercolour paints.  We are very proud of them.

Spring is here.  The Naughty Bus arrived in our classrooms as a present from the little girl on the train.  We had fun exploring this story and looking at the way it was written.  We made video stories about the Naughty Bus and decided where he was going to go and what he got up to. The children had great fun imagining scenarios, building sets and choosing backing tracks to go with their story.

Thinking about what we had seen on our walks around the village, we made maps to show the features in our immediate environment.  We did this in the outdoor area by making models of the buildings we had seen and also by making 3D maps with paper.

Have a look at some of our lovely work.....

We decided to celebrate the end of the topic by having a DRIVE THROUGH MOVIE.  The children turned their large cardboard boxes (a big thank you to the Co-op) into cars and then sat in them to watch the film 'Cars'.  Staff served them drinks and popcorn!  We all enjoyed this topic!

So, the clocks have gone back and we are moving firmly through autumn towards winter and that thing that starts with C but we won't mention yet!

In Reception we started this term with a week all about festivals and traditions. The children learned all about Diwali and why some people celebrate it. The had a lovely time creating their own Mehndi designs for their hands and acting out the story of Rama and Sita. Then they learned about why we celebrate with bonfires and fireworks in November, creating some lovely firework pictures.

On Monday, the children learned all about Poppy Day and why it is important to remember all service personnel, past and present. They made some beautiful poppy art work including this lovely giant poppy in the outdoor area.


This week, the children have also found out what our new topic is. On Monday afternoon, we went for a walk through the village to the train station to launch our topic 'On The Move'. The children loved making echoes in the tunnel under the line and climbed all the stairs to Platform 2 really well. Once there, they talked about what we could see around us and times when they had been on a train to go to places - the favourites were definitely London and Birmingham.

Whilst we were at the station, three trains stopped at the platforms - two on our side going towards Birmingham and one on the other side on it's way south. The children were so excited to see the trains, especially when the driver of one of the trains gave them a toot as his train pulled out. 

Then, on Tuesday morning, there was a strange suitcase left behind in our new train. The children wondered who could have left it there and, after some discussion, decided to open it to search for clues. Inside was a dress and some tights, some shoes, a book and a wrapped present. The children decided that the suitcase must belong to a little girl who was going to see a friend for their birthday. They tucked the suitcase away somewhere safe until she comes back for it. They thought that she wouldn't mind if we borrowed her story book, The Train Ride. They have had a fun few days playing in the train and the ticket office and have made a ticket machine and some lovely signs to show people where they need to be. We are all looking forward to seeing where we  go in this fab travel topic.

The leaflet for this topic is here if you would like to know a little bit more, including learning at home ideas.

Lastly for now, a big thank you to the parents and carers who came to our Phonics Information presentation on Monday evening. We hope it gave you all some useful information and answered your questions. If you were not able to make it and would like to know a bit more, have a look at the presentation here.


What a busy first term we have had!! The children have settled so well into school life and have been learning so many new things!

Our topic this term has been 'Magical Me!'. We have found out so much about each other, with some lovely timelines brought in to introduce us to different members of our extended families.

Gardening afternoon was a roaring success, with lots of sunshine and giggles as we brightened and tidied the outdoor area ready for more learning. It was good to see the children taking some responsibility for the environment and hope they will continue to look after it and treat it respectfully.

We held our Foundation Stage information evening to give parents an overview of what we are teaching and how their children are learning in Reception. Click here to see the short presentation we ran. It was lovely to see such a good turn out.

We have started to learn how to count accurately and order numbers as well as working out how to correctly form some key letters, such as those in our names and the 'Jumper' family from Kinetic Letters (please do ask if you would like to know more about Kinetic Letters or have a look here). 

We have also been working on lots of key skills such as using an iPad correctly and cutting accurately with scissors, alongside learning the rules that make our setting a safe and happy place, 'Kind hands, kind feet and kind voices'. They have also loved their PE lessons where they have been learning not only about different ways to move but also how to set up and store PE equipment safely. We have been amazed by how daring some of the children have been - climbing to the very top of the 'jam sandwich' and leaping fearlessly from the top of the tallest gym box. Wow!

Recently we have also been talking about how to keep healthy. We have talked about how to wash our hands correctly and how and why we brush our teeth. We also made some super healthy snacks including yummy vegetable soup which we tasted and decided,by voting, that most people like it lots!

We have also had some lovely extra experiences:

Baking cakes for the MacMillan Coffee Morning and helping raise money for this amazing charity. Many children were lucky enough to taste some of the cakes they made with their parents and carers at the event.

Indian dancing with the lovely Mrs Patel - the children came back from each session with HUGE smiles on their faces - they loved the flowing movements.

Visiting Mill Park to learn about autumn and look for signs that the season is changing. They made leaf kebabs and creatures from natural materials, compared lengths of sticks, sang autumn songs and had immense fun playing some parachute games.

Have a look below to see just a few things we have been up to and see for yourself how much fun learning in Reception really is!