Blue and Indigo Classes


Taught by Mrs Burbury and Miss Hipwell

Team - Dawn                                                                                                                                                                        Katherine

Autumn Term

                   Superheroes!            Image result for cartoon superhero

Welcome to our new topic Superheroes! The day started as any normal day as the children went into the hall for assembly. Mrs Burbury was welcoming all the children back to school and talking about the rules when suddenly Ice Lady blasted into the hall! Ice Lady explained how she was evil and wanted to freeze the world. Once she disappeared the beautiful Princess Pearl arrived, she had found a huge sparkly crystal. Princess Pearl had no idea where it had come from and asked the children for help. Some children thought it was magic, some thought a genie might appear and some thought it could give her special powers.

The princess was trying to work out what the crystal could do when all of sudden Ice Lady appeared and tried to steal the crystal. Ice Lady froze Princess Pearl and stole the crystal away. All the children were screaming for help for the princess. Bursting through the doors came the amazing superhero Super Wigston! She discovered the frozen princess and the evil Ice Lady with the crystal and realised she needed to act quickly. Super Wigston and Ice Lady had a fight and Super Wigston managed to get back the crystal.

However, Ice Lady had already kidnapped Princess Pearl and ran away.
Super Wigston’s special assistant came to her rescue. Together they managed to track down Ice Lady and Princess Pearl. Super Wigston used her Special bubble blower to melt the Ice Lady and unfreeze the princess.

The day was saved by the best superhero!

 For any extra information about our new topic please see the Newsletter and Overview attached.