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Red Class and Orange Class

Red and Orange Classes are taught by Mrs Musgrove and Mrs Wall.

Mrs Musgrove -

Mrs Wall -



On Friday 7th May, William and Leanne were given a Headteacher's award.  William got his certificate for really listening to the teaching about reading his writing as he went along - the result being a wonderful story without a mistake.  Leanne also got her award for excellent writing in which she wrote a story which included key features of a narrative.  Well done to both of them.

What a surprise we had on Monday when we went into our outdoor area.  We couldn't believe who was sitting on the throne in our outdoor castle.  It was a Queen!  She looked very pleased to see us and told us that Jed (the boy who wrote to us to ask us asking for  help so that he could become a knight) had told her how helpful we had been and she wondered if we would now be able to help her.  She was upset and a little distraught because she had lost her crown and was worried that the king would be cross with her.  Mrs Musgrove did comment on how tatty her hair looked (and Freda immediately sensed that it was not the best way to greet the Queen and so told her she still looked beautiful!) and the Queen explained that her crown usually kept her hair in place.  We obviously told her that we would help to find her crown but in case we couldn't, we would make one for her.  She asked if we had any children that had been working really hard as she would like to knight them with a sword - so now we have to use 'Sir George' and 'Sir Freddie' when we talk to our two knights!

Since Monday we have been designing crowns for the Queen to choose the one she likes the best, when she comes back to visit us.  We have had to do some hard work making lists of where we could help her look for her crown and we have begun investigating stories about crowns to see if any of the characters may have picked it up by mistake or other means!


On Friday 23rd April, Conan and Teddy were given a Headteacher's award.  Conan  is really enjoying his reading and was given a certificate to praise him for how hard he has been working in this area of the curriculum.  Teddy has really been concentrating in phonics and we are proud of his achievements. Well done to both of them.

The children have worked very hard to turn part of the outdoor area into a castle so that they can use it for role-play and story telling.  Now for a little plea; if anyone has any plastic 'goblets' that we could borrow for our banquet table, then we would really appreciate them!



On Friday 16th April, James and Jacob were given a Headteacher's award.  James was given his for becoming really chatty with both adults and children in the setting and for initiating conversations.  Jacob received his for really trying hard to be a good role model to the other children.  As they were waiting for their photo to be taken, they had a little chat to each other "Are you going to show your mummy because I am!" Well done to both of them.

Welcome back everybody!  We had a brilliant first day back at school and welcomed 2 lovely new children into our setting.  Jax has joined the Orange Class and Halle has become a member of the Red Class.  

Just as we were about to start our work, Mrs Turley arrived with a letter for us and it had a castle on the front.  The children had lovely ideas about who it might be from, including the Queen because Prince Philip had died.  When we opened the letter, we found out that it was from a boy called Jed.  Jed wants to become a knight and has asked us for our help because he has heard that we have good ideas and love helping others to do better or when they need a hand with something.  So we created a mind map together of what we could do to help Jed become a knight.  We had an interesting discussion about whether girls could become knights as well as boys!

George dressed up as a knight and Mrs Wall showed us how to gallop on her horse!

This term we have been doing some work about the book 'Here comes Jack Frost' by Kazuno Kohara and this week we finished the story.  At the end of the story, the boy finds a snowdrop and so we have been comparing winter and springtime through discussions and by observing our immediate environments in the school grounds.  We created an art gallery today, in both classrooms and discussed how we could appraise each others' work.  We have now put the work on the wall for the children to enjoy looking at.



On Friday 26th March, Grace and Eliza were given a Headteacher's award.  Both of them have been trying their hardest in phonic sessions.  They are both recalling lots of tricky words and enjoying their learning. Well done to both of them.

We have been working hard during lockdown and since we started back at school.  In maths, our learning wall is all about making 10 and in literacy we have been writing poems.  Our literacy learning wall shows all the stages we have been through, so that we could finish our poetry unit by writing our own poems.  Well done everyone!

Red Nose Day

Today we have been thinking about why we raise money on Red Nose Day.  We have also had a busy, fun packed day.  We have had egg and spoon races (we rolled the playdough into spheres for our red nose 'eggs') and then made an obstacle course to walk along whilst holding our 'egg and spoon!  We have iced biscuits with a red nose in the middle and then we have designed a nose to go onto a face mask for our mummy or daddy to use.  Have a look at what we have been up to!


On Friday 19th March, Felix and George were given a Headteacher's award.  Felix received his award for engaging more with the activities at school and George got his for being a super friend and always trying his best.  Well done to both of them.

Friday 12th March 

What a busy World Book Day we have had and Mrs Saunders and Mrs Musgrove missed all the fun as a caterpillar and a giraffe had taken their place today!!!  We started the day by having a parade and we cheered each other as our friends passed us.  Next we drew the character that we came dressed up as and then wrote a clue to see if Mrs Wall could guess who we were, when she is in school on Monday.  We looked at the books that had been brought in by the children to accompany their character and then ended the day with 'The Shark in the Park' story in Red Class and 'The dinosaur that pooped a pirate' in Orange Class!



On Friday 12th March, Carter and Jack were given a Headteacher's award.  Jack received his award for trying his best and for showing good listening skills.  Carter has shown a real improvement in his blending skills and we are so proud of him - a well deserved award.  Well done to both of them.

Home learning

Hello everyone! Happy New Year even though it's not the start we wanted. We have attached the home learning below for you to view and complete whenever you can. If you can access it via Teams then we would prefer you to do so as this is our main online learning platform, although we realise that this is not possible for all. Please email us if you have any trouble or you need any advice about the home learning. 

Home learning document Week 1


On Friday 18th December, Evelyn and Fearne were given a Headteacher’s award. Evelyn received hers for trying her best in all areas of her learning and some super handwriting skills. Fearne received hers for completing all her phase 2 phonics and enjoying her learning. Well done to both of them.


On Friday 11th December, Charlie and Jake were given a Headteacher's award.  Both received their awards for trying their best and always working really hard. Well done to both of them.



On Friday 27th November, Ellie and Cillian were given a Headteacher's award.  Ellie received her award for some fantastic dance moves and Cillian received his for writing his name independently and even using his Abracadbra letters. Well done to both of them.


Teddy suggested that we make a ladder to help Stick Man get back into his tree.  So today, we did just that!  We have been busy sawing and hammering and testing out our work to make sure that Stick Man was safe on the ladder.  Look at the finished ladder!  We left Stick Man in the Orange Classroom tonight and set the ladder up against the dolls house in Red Classroom.  So if he needs a comfy sleep tonight,  he can use one of the beds by climbing up the ladder - we can't wait to see where he is in the morning!



On Friday 20th November, Holly and Hugo were given a Headteacher's award.  Holly received her award for some fantastic creative work which included making her own Stick Man. Hugo received his for sounding out words and trying to write them by himself. Well done to both of them.

We have made some maps to help Stick Man get home and tried hard to think of buildings that might help him find his way.  The children drew hotels, skyscrapers, houses, shops and hospitals.  We hope we have helped him!

Who is this?

After a windy night and finding lots of toys strewn around the outdoor area we decided to have a tidy up session but to our surprise look what we found!

Can you spot who was hiding from us in the bushes?

The children decided that we should bring him inside to look after him. We created a mind map of the children's ideas abut how to help Stick Man. Their ideas included ways to get him home by building him a kite, aeroplane and a large ladder and how we could look after him until he got home.

As part of our learning about the story 'Pumpkin Soup' we have looked closely at a pumpkin and sketched what we saw. We talked about how we use a photocopier to make copies of the same image and painted one image, used pastels on another and left the original blank. Here are the results of our work which we cut and mounted ourselves.



On Friday 13th November, Elerisce and Freda were given a Headteacher's award.  Elerisce received her award for settling in so well to her new class. Freda received hers for some fabulous Indian dancing inspired by Diwali celebrations. Well done to both of them.




On Friday 6th November, Charlie and Sam were given a Headteacher's award.  Charlie received his for focusing well in his Phonics and maths sessions.  Sam received his for some super problem solving in maths by making as many different shapes as he could using only 4 cubes. Well done to both of them.


We listened to a piece of music that was written over 200 years ago by a composer called Handel and while we listening, we made firework noises and chalked the fireworks that it made us think about.

Welcome back to the new school term. 

When we came into the classrooms on Monday, there were 2 boxes, one in each classroom.  The children were excited to find a pumpkin inside and the book 'Pumpkin Soup'.  We have had a fun few days exploring the story through drama and role play.  When the teachers took on the role of Duck the children asked 'Duck' questions and responded to his naughty behaviour with suggestions about how he should treat his friends.

We have been weighing pumpkins, sketching them, making a pumpkin patch out of play dough, making a small world play area for the characters in the story, hammering golf tees into some pumpkins, investigating the seeds inside the pumpkin, making a group textured painting and creating our own 'pumpkin gloopy soup'. The gallery below shows some of the hard work that we have been up to.

Click here for our Autumn 2 medium term planning.

Click here for the Autumn 2 leaflet.

This week we have been investigating the signs of autumn that we could spot around the school grounds.  We looked at the the trees and their leaves and pretended to be the wind blowing the leaves.  We tried to catch a leaf as it fell from the tree and then sang an autumn song about the changing colours - everyone loved throwing their handful of leaves high into the air!  In small groups some children choose to make some cheerio bird feeders.  We are watching to see who comes for a nibble!



On Friday 16th October, Knoa and Lily-Ann were given a Headteacher's award.  Knoa received his for his positive attitude to all of his learning and Lily-Ann received hers for showing good sportsmanship in the team games we have played this week. Well done to both of them.



On Friday 9th October, Archie and Lex were given a Headteacher's award.  Archie received his for reading and for his phonics work.  Lex received his for some super problem solving in maths. Well done to both of them.

Look what we have been learning in maths and literacy over the last few weeks!

In Reception, we have been thinking about our friends.  We have been talking about who our friends are and what makes a good friend.  We have been thinking about how Elmer was a good friend and we have been choosing our own colours to paint a patchwork Elmer by painting different colours on squares that touch.  We then wrote our own speech bubble "I am" in response to the question 'Are you a good friend?'



On Friday 2nd October, Noah and Charlene were given a Headteacher's award.  Charlene received hers for becoming more involved when playing with other children in the setting.  Noah received his for giving one more and one less than a number to 20 in his head and then recording his findings in a chart. Well done to both of them.



Each week two children are chosen by the staff in Foundation Stage, one from Red Class and one from Orange Class to receive a certificate from the Headteacher.    They can be chosen for doing good work, putting in lots of effort and trying their hardest or being a good friend.


On Friday 25th September, Olivia and Kavisha were given a Headteacher's award.  Both received them for showing care and consideration for others in the setting.


We have been amazed by how grown up and sensible the children have been when starting school. They have picked up the new routines and have approached all tasks with great enthusiasm. 

On our first day at school we made some new friends and had our photographs taken.

We have been practising our cutting skills and made a frame to go around our photographs. Don't we all look lovely?

We have had lots of fun exploring the outdoor area, choosing toys to play with in the classroom and going into the hall for PE.

Orange Class Ourselves Art Gallery

Red Class Ourselves Art Gallery