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Yellow Class and Green Class


Welcome to the team, taught by Mrs Wigston and Mrs Pettifer

Mrs Wigston -

 Mrs Pettifer - 

Well, well, well!!! That was a week like no other, wasn't it??? First of all, we all hope that you are all well and not feeling poorly. If you have been poorly, we really hope you feel tons better very soon and we can see everyone back in school as soon as possible.

It has been a busy, busy time in school. Our travels have brought us to Europe and we have had some fab learning over the past couple of weeks. We have learned all about La Tomatina - the Spanish tomato fight that is the biggest food fight in the world - and found out so many fabulous facts about Italy (among other countries). We even tried to speak some Spanish! Ola!

We had so much fun at the zoo last week and the children have done some terrific writing about their day - I think everyone had a wonderful visit! The this week, we have had our final practices and performed our dances for our dance festival. We were so proud of the Year 1 children who all saved their very best efforts for the performances - what a lot of dancing superstars!! We have also shared the fantastic homeworks that were brought in. As part of our Italy day, the children all made pizza to share and some also brought food from their chosen country so on Thursday, we had a lovely picnic on the field. Homeworks were shared and all the grown ups were very impressed with the completed projects. Have a look at these superstars!!

Aren't they marvellous?? I think you all must have worked very hard!

Let's have a look at the superstars who have won the Headteachers Awards recently...

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 18th June

Yellow Class - Darcy

Green Class - Ava

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 2nd July 

Yellow Class - Ophelia

Green Class - Abigail

Well done girls!!! 

There's no transition week sadly but we are looking forward to another fun week of learning with all the children. Wherever you are, please stay safe and well and we look forward to all being together again very, very soon.


Welcome back! We are at the end of our first week in our last term together. Boo hoo!!!! Summer has definitely arrived and with it the need, every day please, for hats and suncream. We have such a busy term to look forward to - a trip to the zoo, transition, the dance festival and sports day to name but a few - how will we ever fit it all in?!

This week we have flown to a new continent and we are in the sunny climes of central Africa, specifically Kenya and Tanzania. The children have been looking at the book Handa's Surprise and have started to learn about food chains and the different animals there are in Africa. They have also been comparing their own life with that of an 8 year old girl in a Kenyan village. 

In art, we have begun work on some sunset silhouette pictures - the children have been hard at work and some of the finished work can be seen on the school Facebook page, with the rest to follow next week. They worked so hard and so carefully!!

 Our Head Teacher's award winners have made us so proud this week...

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 11th June

Yellow Class - Mason M.

Green Class - Joseph G.

Very well done boys!!

Lastly, homework has been set and can be seen HERE. It is a piece of topic work that will need to be brought into school - we hope you have lots of fun researching and constructing your information about your chosen European country.


And from the USA we head even further north, jetting our way to the provinces of Canada. This week the children have been learning all about the native people who lived here before the Europeans came along, called the Inuit people. They have looked at how they dress, how they get around, what they eat and where the live. We've looked at some fab Inuit art, some very traditional and some much more modern.

The children have been having a go at building their own Inuit houses - either an igloo or a tupiq (an Inuit tent home). Let's see them hard at work...

Some children found it a tricky problem solving activity, trying to make square or rectangular blocks into a circular house - just like the Inuit do with ice blocks. Well done all of you!

HOMEWORK this week is all online - please log in to your child's Edshed account here, where there are two activities - one to practice all Year 1 tricky word spellings and the other to continue our work on counting in 10s. Edshed logins are the same as the Teams logins. The games can be played as many times as you like and don't forget, you can earn honeypots to 'buy' accessories for your avatar!

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 21st May

Yellow Class - Jacob

Green Class - Poppy

 Have a great weekend!!


And so we continue with our journey around the world by flying north from Peru and landing in the United States. The children have been learning all about how European people first found the USA, who already lived there and what those Native Americans were (and are) like. They weren't very impressed with the way Columbus treated them! They have also made some fab musical instruments which we hope to hear them play!

Your homework for this week is here - HOMEWORK FRIDAY 14TH MAY Read it carefully to answer the questions. How many of the shapes do you know?

Our worthy winners of the Head Teachers' Awards this week are.......(drum roll please!)

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 14th May

Yellow Class - Joel

Green Class - Ollie P.


That's it! We're past the halfway mark! Another 4 days that have been packed to the brim with fun and learning. Our voyage through South America has landed us in Peru and the rainforest has been a big park of our week. We've also been looking at Aztec type art work as the children work on making clay masks - some looked very scary!!

The homework for this week is here - HOMEWORK FRIDAY 7TH MAY

And now to the fab winners of our Head Teacher's awards...

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 7th May

Yellow Class - AJ

Green Class - Grayson

Have a great week! Green Class will be having their last Forest School sessions on Wednesday - we hope they have enjoyed their science and explorations.


The end of our third week and what a lot we have done in four short days! Our country this week has been Brazil and our learning has been so much fun. Green Class have been learning to samba in PE whilst Yellow Class looked at the rainforest and why it is in danger. We've found out about the Rio Olympics and the annual carnival as well as learning about the fabulous street artist Eduardo Kobra.

Here are the children, hard at work on their own versions of Kobra's amazing shape and colour work...

No Head Teacher's awardees this week as we're not here on Friday - look out for next week's winners!

Lastly for this week, here is the link to the homework in case you're struggling. HOMEWORK THURSDAY 30TH APRIL

Have a fab Bank Holiday!! Please let the sun shine!!


Our second week has come and gone! We have been learning all about Japan this week and Yellow Class have done some beautiful cherry blossom art whilst Green Class have compared similarities and differences of the lives of two boys in Tokyo and London.

We are really looking forward to all the Year 1 children being able to play together at morning playtime next week - it's starting to feel like slowly getting back to a real normal. 

It has been brought to our attention that some families are still having issues with Teams so each week's homework will be accessible through a hyperlink on this page. Here is this week's homework link - HOMEWORK Friday 23rd April. 


Time to celebrate...

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 30th April 2021

Yellow Class - Kaleb

Green Class - Adam


Welcome back to another (hopefully warmer!) term of learning.. We hope you all had a great Easter holiday and that the Easter bunny was kind to you all!

Our spring newsletter can be read HERE.

The children have loved the start of our new topic 'Around The World'. On Monday, they went on a hunt on the field and found pictures of the flags of lots of different countries. We've looked at them together and discovered that they are from countries from nearby (like France and Germany) as well as very far away (such as India and Canada). This week we looked at our first country, India and learned about the sad story of the Taj Mahal. I wonder what country will be next?

Read our overview HERE to see more about what we are going to be learning.

Green Class had a super time in their first Forest School session - they were installing some hedgehog houses and looking at what has changed since they were there in the winter.

In Maths this week we have been looking at splitting numbers into tens and ones (this is called partitioning) and how many tens and ones are in various numbers. In Literacy, we have been reminding ourselves all about instructions and how to write them. All our instructions this week have been about hand washing - very important just now!

Let's have a look at who earned our Head Teachers's Awards this week;

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 16th April 2021

Yellow Class - Elsie

Green Class - Blake

and from just before Easter;

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 26th March 2021

Yellow Class - Grace

Green Class - our awardee was absent so it rolled over to after the holiday


Another week done! And only one more week until the Easter holiday (and lots of chocolate!).

We've had a great week learning about measures and writing books. It all culminated in Red Nose Day of Friday and it was fab to see everyone in their red clothes. We talked about why this fab charity is needed and why it is important to help others less lucky than we are.

One more week - five school days - to go. Mrs Wigston and Mrs Pettifer are looking forward to our brief chat with all the grown ups this week. See you there!

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 19th March 2021

Yellow Class - Clementine

Green Class - Theodore


Welcome back everybody!

It has been so lovely to have all the children back in school this week. We missed you all so much. Everyone has settled back in really well and it's like we've never been away! The children have been working hard and having lots of fun with all their learning, culminating in a fantastic World Book Day. Everyone came in in the most fantastic costumes and looked amazing. Have a look at the newsletter this week for some great pictures!

We are looking forward to continuing the fun and learning on our way to Easter. 

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Friday 12th March 2021

Yellow Class - Benjamin

Green Class - Emily


Good morning!

Welcome to a new and a very different half term. We hope you are all keeping well and safe at home - we so miss seeing you every day!

 Here is the first home learning project to get your remote learning started - from next Monday all remote learning will be on the TEAMs system. Please contact you child's class teacher urgently if you have ANY difficulty accessing TEAMs.

Week 1 - Home learning project 6th - 8th January.

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 18th December 2020

Yellow Class - Tiana

Green Class - Oliver

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 11th December 2020

Yellow Class - Alix

Green Class - Arthur

4th December 2020 - No Headteacher's Award this week. The children had much fun creating lovely decorations for the whole school. Check out our new Facebook page for some lovely pictures.

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 27th November 2020

Yellow Class -

Green Class - Ollie

It's Christmas ...


Below is a link to a list of the children's names to help your child write their Christmas cards, if they choose to.  We hope it is helpful! 

Year 1 Class Names - Click Here

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 20th November 2020

Yellow Class -George

Green Class - Harrison

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 13th November 2020

Yellow Class - AJ

Green Class - Jacob

We thought you'd like to see some of the lovely poppy art the children have been doing as part of our work on Remembrance and why we commemorate Poppy Day. We are so proud of them!

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 6th November 2020

Yellow Class - Lewie

Green Class - Harriet

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 9th October 2020

Yellow Class - Edlyn

Green Class - Grayson

We are builders!

As part of or 'Down by the Riverbank' topic, we have been discussing the form and function of bridges. The children collected materials from home and were challenged to design and build a bridge. They were also able to test their bridge over a 'river'. Have a look at how they got on...

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 2nd October 2020

Yellow Class - Mason B.

Green Class - Autumn

Very Proud

George has been very busy at home since starting in Year 1.  He has been inspired by the book 'Mr Benn Spaceman'.  George has been busy writing his own book and illustrating it.  Well done George!

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 25th September 2020 

Yellow Class - Nevaeh

Green Class - Alice

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 25th September 2020 

Yellow Class - Malachi 

Green Class - Stanley 

We hope you've all had a great week. The children have been working so hard ever since we came back - we are so proud of them.

We thought you might like to see a few of our classroom displays to see some of what has been happening...

Headteacher's Award goes to...

Week ending 18th September 2020 

Yellow Class - Joseph 

Green Class - Bethany 

Autumn Term

We would like to welcome you to our Year 1 information page.  We will put regular updates on what the children have been up to during the term, including pictures so you can see what they have been doing. 

As we are unable to chat to you at the door before or after school, please feel free to contact us via email on the addresses above


 What a surprise the children had when they came in from lunch last Monday.  Something had been in the classrooms and left big footprints all over their chairs.  What could it be?


After some discussion the children discovered that these were the paw prints of badgers, otters, foxes and ducks.  This was a lovely introduction to our topic 'Down By The Riverbank'.

If you would like to know a little more about our topic the overview is on the link below.

Click Here - Down By The Riverbank Overview