Blue  &  Indigo Class


We would like to welcome you and your child to their new Year 2 classes

We hope you enjoy looking at the things we have been doing in school and some useful information as well.

Spring Term 1

Hot, Hot, Hot, Cold, Cold, Cold!


Welcome to our new topic Hot, Hot, Hot, Cold, Cold, Cold! To introduce our new topic we discovered a classroom that was very hot. Inside the hot classroom, there were animals from different hot countries, shimmering candles and glowing lights. Our fabulous science Discovery Dog was also there with an interesting letter. The letter told us that Naughty Nora had been learning about hot and cold things but had stolen Discovery Dog’s bone.

We all went in search of the bone. We discovered that in another classroom it was very, very cold. In there we found lots of animals from colder countries, Naughty Nora herself and a block of ice containing a FROZEN BONE!

We had lots of different ideas of how to get the bone back and discovered that we would have to melt the ice! Naughty Nora told us that our new topic was all about Hot, Hot, Hot and Cold, Cold, Cold.

We knew that our topic would include; hot and cold countries, different animals, different explorers and lots of science experiments! The teachers gathered some interesting ideas. Some of our questions were,

  • How hot is Africa?
  • How cold is Antarctica?
  • How can we melt ice?
  • Can fire go on top of water?
  • Can you get electricity in Antarctica?
  • Are there any animals that hibernate in hot countries?
  • What animals are nocturnal in hot countries?

We look forward to trying to find out the answers, and much more in our exciting new topic!

Grandparent Afternoon

On Tuesday 9th October we celebrated with our grandparents.  We invited them to join us in the school, so they could see the wonderful work we have been doing and enjoy a drink with a slice of cake.  We spent a long time writing invitations, making cakes and decorating the hall.  Everyone had the most amazing time.  Take a look at all the wonderful pictures.


Thank you grandparents for making it such a wonderful afternoon!

Religious Education

On Monday 8th October we all attended a fabulous Harvest Festival at the United Reform Church.  We enjoyed singing a variety of different songs and learning about the importance of sharing.

We returned to school to celebrate festivals from different religion.  In the morning we found out about the Jewish celebration Hanukkah, where we made Menorah Lamps and cooked Challah bread.

In the afternoon, excitedly we went into the year 1 classrooms to find out about the Hindu celebration of Diwali.

At the end of the day we all came together to taste the delicious bread.

Autumn Term

On Friday 7th September, we all set off on a great adventure to Mill Park.  We carefully unlocked the door to hut and to our surprise we found a bear with a note.  Mrs Burbury read the poem to us, explaining we needed to find all of the puzzle pieces to reveal our new topic.  Everybody worked together to search the park, returning with excitement every time they found a puzzle piece.  With Miss Hipwell's support, soon the new topic was discovered.

Year 2 Autumn Newsletter

Year 2 Overview Autumn 2016


Paws, Claws and Roars

Please look at the gallery of pictures below to see what fun we had!


Forest School

Exciting news Blue class are about to start their Autumn Term, Forest School sessions.  Please click on the link below for further information.

Blue Class Forest School