We would like to welcome you and your child to Reception!

We hope you enjoy looking at the things we have been doing in school and some useful information as well.

Friday 19th October - Our Fabulous Finish!

What a busy first term we have had! The children have worked so hard on their learning (although they think that all they have been doing is lots of playing!) and have settled really well into school.

We closed the term with our Fabulous Finish - an autumn visit to Mill Park. We could not have picked a better day, the sun shone on us and there was no wind at all. The children made bark rubbings and listened to the trees to see if they could hear the trees 'sucking up' water and food from the soil. They found some really good spiders' webs and lots of fallen leaves. They had great fun throwing up the leaves and watching them twirl and swirl to the ground, trying to catch them as they fell.

Next they made leaf kebabs by pushing 10 leaves onto sticks whilst the adults were asking how many more they needed or how many would they have if 2 fell off. Next, the children made bugs and mini-beasts out of leaves, sticks and other things they found under the trees.

We finished with some singing, dancing and parachute games. What a lot of fun AND as the children were walking home, 2 ladies were walking past and commented on how wonderfully the children were behaving. Mrs Musgrove and Mrs Pettifer were so very proud!!

Have a look at the photos below to see some of the highlights for yourself.

Have a great week off and we look forward to seeing everyone (including the teachers!) all rested and ready for the next set of challenges.

Foundation Stage Information Evening

Many thanks to those who attended our session on Monday about what Foundation Stage means. For those who were unable to make it, please click HERE  to see the presentation slides from the session.

What a fantastic start!

We are so happy to report that all the children have settled in really well and are happy during the school day. They have done some tricky work with the grown ups and experienced so much independent learning through their play.

All the children have made new friends in both classes and cemented their existing friendships. We have seen some wonderful imaginative play and lots of concentration from all the children.

We have been doing so much! The children have used a lot of skills such as weaving, drawing, painting and cutting to make a self portrait.

Orange Class
Orange Class
Red Class
Red Class

We have also been thinking about what makes a good friend and the children have made a friendship cup for someone else so they can leave messages of friendship all through the year.

All ready for a lovely friendly message...
All ready for a lovely friendly message...