Red Strawberry Class

Birds of Prey

The children were really lucky this week to have a visitor to talk to us about bird of prey.  They had the opportunity to learn about all different types of birds and how they catch their prey.  Some of the children even had the chance to hold an owl.  A fantastic experience.


Andy Goldsworthy

We have looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy.  The children have used natural materials from the playground to create their own sculpture in the same style.  They all really enjoyed making them.

A Walk Through The Trees

The children enjoyed their walk to Mill Park, where they discovered that the new topic for the spring term is A Walk Through the Trees. 

Medium Term Overview 

Spring Term Newsletter

Space Centre

We had the most amazing day at the National Space Centre in Leicester.  They really enjoyed finding out about the planets and the astronauts.  Their behaviour was perfect! :) 


The children have really enjoyed maths this term.  They have shown me what they are able to do, counting carefully, adding and subtracting to and from 20.  They have looked at shapes, they are able to tell me the properties of the shapes.  

The children have made so much progress this term, I am so proud of them.




Reach for the Stars

What an amazing start to Year 1 for the Red Strawberries Class.  On Tuesday morning, during an assembly, the children heard a load crashing noise, coming from the Reception outdoor area.  They then discovered that an astronaut had landed.  Arnie the astronaut, sent a message via a video link, revealing to the children that the new topic this term was 'Reach for the Stars'. 

We then went to the classroom and discussed what they would like to find out about space.  Each of the children carefully wrote out a question, which can now be seen on our display board. 

You can see our Autumn term overview here. This will tell you what the children will be learning throughout this topic. 

It has been a very exciting start to Year 1.


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